10U Takoma Fire


Who are we?

Takoma Fire 10U is our entry into the world of fast pitch softball.  This group is normally for girls in grades 4 and 5, but any girl 10 or younger at the start of the calendar year is 10U eligible for the entire year.

Our philosophy: the quality of a girl’s softball experience is directly related to how well she develops her skill, passion, and understanding of and appreciation for the game.  These are what we emphasize at the 10U level.

We teach the girls how to throw, catch, run, and bat correctly. Our drills not only ensure proper development of these skills, but also emphasize fun and passion for the game.

For more information on the Takoma Fire contact Greg Madden at 301-434-2098 or gregmadden@earthlink.net

  • Takoma Fire President: Greg Maddden

    Phone: 301-434-2098
    Email: Greg Madden

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