14U Takoma Fire

The 14U Takoma Fire is a strong tournament team playing throughout the region.

Stephen Brown and Sera Morgan are once again coaching the team.  Together, they bring nearly 30 years of playing and coaching experience and take annual coaches’ training for high school and college-level players.  Their intention is to get our young players prepared to play skillfully at the HS level when the time comes.

We believe that each player who makes our team, comes to practices regularly, learns to be thoroughly coachable, honors the game with a good attitude and sportsmanship, and works on her skills per our instructions will make her high school varsity team, perhaps as a Freshman. It’s a worthy goal for young players.     Questions:  Contact Sera Morgan, 301-270-2335, sera.morgan@gmail.com OR Stephen Brown, 301-440-8254, stevebro3@gmail.com.

14U Takoma Fire runners-up at the October 2012 Breast Cancer Awareness NIT

  • Program Director: Sera Morgan and Stephen Brown

    Sera Morgan: 301-270-2335
    Email: Sera Morgan

    Stephen Brown: 301-440-8254
    Email: Stephen Brown

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